Combat Dry Winter Air with a Whole House Humidifier

One of the signature characteristics of winter is dry air. As most of the moisture is condensed into ice and snow, there’s barely any left for us to take in–that means dry lips, dry mouths, and often a higher likelihood of getting sick.

We’ve put together a quick guide to whole house humidifiers, including benefits and what installing this type of system entails. If you have any questions, would like to request a quote or want to have the best one installed to fit your home and particular needs, Harmony Home Concierge is here to help manage it all for you, anytime that you need us.

How A Whole House Humidifier Compliments Your HVAC System
We’re all familiar with the detached, portable standing room humidifiers. They take a pool of water and convert it into water vapor, thus “humidifying” the air.

Whole house humidifiers are different in that they are installed directly into your home’s HVAC system. The humidifying unit is installed and given access to the ducts of your home, and a water source runs through the unit, supplied through your plumbing system.

Then, once the water enters the unit, it is converted into vapor and sent through the ducts. It’s important to understand that there is no standing water involved in a properly working humidifying unit, so there is no necessity for concern over mold and bacteria buildup. Because of this, the requirement for maintenance is greatly reduced for whole home humidifiers, making them an easy and convenient choice for keeping your home comfortable.

Additionally, humidistats–essentially thermostats but which measure humidity levels–are a valuable device for any whole house humidifier system. This allows you to keep the entire home at a consistent and comfortable humidity level.

Health and Comfort Benefits for Your Family
Dry skin and dry air create many different health risks for you and your family, and these problems are only exacerbated during the winter months.

Dry skin is more likely to become infected, as the lack of moisture makes healing much more difficult. Additionally, respiratory problems are made worse because breathing in dry air will dry out nasal passages and airways in the lungs.

Certain conditions and illnesses are also more common when the air is too dry. Dry nasal passages can cause more frequent bloody noses, while colds and susceptibility to disease are more pronounced and common.

Older whole home humidifiers can create more problems as they may become less efficient over time. Older models cannot be as effective as new systems in delivering water vapor through the HVAC system, and can be susceptible to mold and bacteria buildup.

One of the best ways to combat an older system is simply to upgrade to a new model.

That means having a clean and well-maintained system will keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the dry winter months.

Protect Your Home
Dry air is not only harmful to your health–your home is also negatively affected.

Wood is susceptible to weather conditions just like most other things. Dry wood is prone to warping and becomes more susceptible to cracking. That also means finer and older furniture– much of which was constructed from wood–will suffer similar consequences once it starts getting too dry.

Paint is more likely to chip, and even wallpaper will start to peel when dried out. All of this means a whole home humidifier is a great way to keep your home looking well through the dry winter months.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Just like most all-home systems, there isn’t one size of whole home humidifier that fits all homes.

The size and strength of your humidifier system will be dependent on how much cubic space is in your ducts and in all the rooms of your home, and how your HVAC system is built.

There are also several options for whole home humidifiers. Drum and flow-through humidifiers have different features and capacities, while mist and steam options have their own pros and cons.

That means having a licensed HVAC professional create a recommendation on which humidifier will work best for your home is crucial. With all the potential benefits of choosing the right humidifier–and all the potential risks from choosing the wrong humidifier–having a professional help you is key to your family’s comfort.

Regular Maintenance
Just like most other crucial home systems, your whole house humidifier is something that needs to be maintained properly by an HVAC professional.

Industry standards dictate whole home humidifier systems should be cleaned and maintained at least once a year, in the fall, right before the air starts to really dry up. That means your system will go into the driest months working at peak efficiency.

Proper whole home humidifier maintenance includes a tune-up and cleaning, all done by an HVAC professional.

Let Us Help You
At Harmony Home Concierge, we understand that your family’s comfort is the most important part of our job. That’s why we bring only the best HVAC professionals to each job for diagnosing, maintaining, and installing whole home humidifiers.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, or install a fresh unit altogether, you’re in good hands with Harmony Home Concierge. Contact us today to learn how we can help you combat the dry winter air in your home, so your family can live in comfort year-round.

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