Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

When the leaves start falling, you know that fall is either coming or already here. This means the clock is ticking to protect your home’s functional integrity and your family’s safety during the upcoming winter season and the best way to do that is to keep one word in mind – preparation!
Being smart about preparation in taking care of fall clean up services around your home early, leaves you with more time to enjoy warm nights by the fire, the crisp air and other fun fall activities.

Harmony Home Concierge brings the most highly-rated professionals to your home to ensure all your required fall clean up and home maintenance checklist items are done right the first time, including:

Gutter cleaning and repair
As falling leaves build in your gutter system, it not only becomes a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes in the spring, but also can create ice buildup in blocked downspouts which can freeze, making not taking care of gutter maintenance in fall clean up both unsafe and expensive. Inspecting a gutter system properly is a dangerous task, spending time on ladders which may be very high and risky, as well as unsafe, for non-professionals. Our professionals will take care of all your fall gutter clean up services, ensuring that all gutters and downspouts are fully inspected, cleaned and no drainage points are blocked.

Yard clean up
If you take pride and joy in your garden and want to enjoy it in its prime next spring, you need to make preparing it for the winter months a part of your fall clean up routine. Applying fertilizer and aerating the soil will help prevent lawn damage during colder weather and the garden turn green faster in the spring. Trim any dead trees and prune back any foliage that may be encroaching on your home to help prevent damage from winter storms, ice or heavy snow. Clean up the yard, shrink wrap outdoor furniture to prevent damage from wet or cold, and secure or store it safely to stop it from blowing about storms. Our professionals include arborists and landscape gardeners to help trim, prune, clean up and prep any size of tree or garden, who will also shut down and secure your garden.

Pipe, sprinkler and hose maintenance and repair
One of the most common problems for homeowners during the winter months is damage caused by frozen pipes or other water systems, which may burst, leading to very costly damage, clean up and repairs. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent this from happening to you. Shut off any garden sprinklers, drain hoses and any other outdoor water features for the season. Making pipe maintenance and repair a regular part of fall clean up duty is crucial as it gives you ample time to make sure that all shut-off valves are working properly, so freezing water from outside doesn’t spread into your home’s piping. Having a professional inspect your piping will help you avoid costly burst pipe repairs and they can freeze-proof your in-ground irrigation system to keep it working through the winter months.

Power washing
Fall is the perfect time to clean around your home. Power washing gets rid of any dust, dirt, paint stains or garden grime on fences, walls, pavements and driveways before they freeze. We have the professionals you need to either use your own power washing system or bring their own equipment to thoroughly clean your property.

Painting and decorating
It pays to protect your home from the wind, rain and snow of the winter season. Outdoor painting to weatherproof your home is an important part of fall clean up and getting ready for the holidays may provide an opportunity for home improvement projects involving indoor painting and decorating. Our professional painters and decorators can handle any of your outdoor and indoor painting decorating needs.

Holiday lighting set up, removal and storage
Halloween and the holiday season usually involve a little (or a lot!) of lighting decorations in and around your home. Before these seasons hit is the best time to think about your lighting needs, so make it part of any fall project to-do list. Our professionals can take care of putting up, powering up, taking down and storage of all your holiday lighting fixtures and features.

Back-up generators
From powering personal electronic devices to preventing food from spoiling and keeping everyday life going on as normal, making sure that you have a back up generator ready to switch on as soon as power goes off during winter storms is a critical item on your fall to-do list. Our professionals will handle any of your back-up generator installation, tune up and repair services to keep your daily routine during any power outage.

Driveway maintenance and sealing
Weather along with wear and tear throughout the year can impact any paved surfaces around your home, like your driveway, causing cracks that could lead to someone tripping, car damage or if not maintained, even more expensive repairs later. Our professionals can help prepare your driveway and paved services for winter by filling any cracks and sealing them to help prevent damage and make shoveling snow easier in winter months.

Closing and winterizing the pool
By properly maintaining your pool as part of your fall clean up plan, you’ll be sure to have a pool ready to be enjoyed as soon as you open it again next spring or summer. Make sure to test chemical levels, clean the pool, skimmer and pool filter before adding a winter chemical kit. Then drain the pool, winterize the skimmer and any other pool equipment to protect them from colder temps, add an air pillow to the center of the pool and then cover it for the season. Our professional pool experts can take care of any of your pool maintenance and winterizing needs.

Furnace tune-up
As one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to keep you and your home running smoothly during the winter months, an annual furnace or boiler tune up is critical. The best time to do schedule it is before the winter months and as early in fall as possible which makes it an integral part of any fall clean up activity. This way you will be sure that your furnace is working properly, ready to switch on and keep you warm as soon as you need it. Any tune up should ensure that the belt, heating duct, and thermostat systems are working properly. Additionally, having a clean and proper filter system for your furnace will help keep contaminants out of the air. A professional technician will be able to safely and effectively inspect your furnace to make sure you can enjoy warmth and comfort through the winter months.

Window and door maintenance
It’s important to take all screens out of windows to prevent them getting damaged during colder weather. One of the biggest factors that contributes to heating costs is cracks in windows and doors. Even small openings can make the money you spend on keeping your home warm escape outside. There are many ways to prevent this from happening: Using spray foam, caulking, or weather stripping can seal your home and save you money. We have the professionals you need to inspect all the hidden points of air leakage in your home that to help you stay warm and save through the winter months.

Roof inspection and repair
It’s a fact, your roof gets most of the extreme weather wear and tear during the winter months. From cracks and holes to missing shingles, a poorly-maintained roof can cause range of issues, from expensive heat loss and leaks to unwelcome pest infestation. Taking care of fall clean up on your roof is extremely hazardous. Spending long periods of time on an angled plane means the danger of falling, which is why roof inspection and maintenance should be left to professionals. Our professionals will make sure that there are no missing shingles, cracks, or holes in your roof, helping to prevent costly repairs caused by rodents, mold, and ice damage.

Chimney cleaning
With repeated use over the years, chimneys can be one of the worst offenders for bad air quality in your home. They can also fill up with creosote, a soot-based compound known to cause many different types of cancer. Maintaining a clean chimney is a major safety concern for any home that has one. It’s also important to know whether trees are hanging too close to the chimney top as low-hanging trees or branches can cause fires which can spread to your home. Our professionals will be able to safely inspect all pain points of your chimney. From clearing it of harmful contaminants to ensuring your chimney cap is clear to let emissions properly escape, having a professional chimney inspection is a crucial measure in any fall clean up to keep you, your family and your home safe.

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