Meet Petro & Harmony: Our Two Guide Dogs

Harmony Home Concierge has the distinct pleasure of sponsoring two very extraordinary puppies, Petro and Harmony, who will be both be trained as highly specialized guide dogs for The Guide Dog Foundation of Smithtown, NY and adopted by two special individuals. The puppies will keep the names Petro and Harmony for life, forever connecting them to our company and the love we have for animals and our fellow neighbors in need of special assistance. To launch our support of this new partnership, Steve Goldman, CEO/President, joined by his wife Rosemarie and daughters Erica and Sarah, toured the facility of The Guide Dog Foundation and selected these precious puppies!

These fun-loving Labrador pups are brother and sister. Steve thought it would be best to keep the siblings together to experience their guide dog training. As Petro and Harmony advance in their training, everyone will be kept up-to-date on their story. We will visit them frequently at the Foundation and track their training as we proudly watch them grow and advance.

When the training program is complete, a special graduation ceremony will be held. Petro and Harmony will be matched to their forever persons who will spend two weeks living at The Guide Dog Foundation with the puppies. Petro, Harmony and their new owners will get to know each other before moving onto their forever homes and provide the assistance, care, and guidance to those they serve.

About the Guide Dog Foundation

The Guide Dog Foundation was established in 1946 with the mission of improving quality of life by providing free guide dogs and free training for people who are blind, have low vision, or have other special needs. In 2003, a special program, America’s VetDogs, was incorporated and focused on giving our brave veterans who returned from service easy access to guide dogs to help improve their daily lives.

In 2009, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind became the first assistance dog school in the United States to be certified by the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.

Accreditation reinforces the organization’s reputation in the assistance dog movement by showing that we consistently follow the highest standards for the humane and ethical treatment of dogs. They maintain educational benchmarks for trainers and apprentices, and put procedures in place for consumers during the application and acceptance process, including a way for them to address any grievances.

Today, The Guide Dog Foundation maintains its training campus in Smithtown on the original property, which is about 40 miles east of New York City. It is easily accessible through all modes of transportation. The campus consists of administrative offices, student residences, state-of-the-art kennel and a puppy nursery. The eight-acre site also includes an obstacle course and a Japanese garden for our students’ enjoyment.

For more information regarding The Guide Dog Foundation, please contact Peggy O’Connor, Community Relationship Manager, at 516.686.1837 or

The Guide Dog Foundation relies on contributions from generous individuals, corporations, service clubs, and foundations who support the work they do. Your contributions are tremendously valuable to the program. To donate click here. Your generous, tax-deductible donation helps The Guide Dog Foundation train and provide specialized assistance dogs to people who are blind or visually impaired at no charge to them.

The Guide Dog Foundation of Smithtown, NY adpoted puppies Petro and Harmony

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