Harmony Home Concierge helps take care of others beyond the home.

 Taking care of local communities is just as important to Harmony Home Concierge as it is to all the customers whose homes we take care of every day. That’s why, responding to a mayday request for funding from WASA (Westport Animal Shelter Advocates), Harmony Home Concierge was honored to donate $17,000 to assist with the double hip replacement surgeries required for Natasha, a one-and-a-half-year-old Caucasian Shepherd/Russian Bear Dog.

Natasha and her brother Boris, both Russian bear dogs, were rescued December 2016 at the age of six months from a neglectful situation that resulted with each dog being 50 pounds underweight, swarming with ticks and in need of immediate vet care.  Since they are puppies, the timing of their rescue was imperative before they developed behavior and additional medical problems. With the assistance from the staff at Schulhof Animal Hospital of Westport and Weston Animal Control Officer Harper, WASA was able to develop a plan which provided safe and comforting boarding for both dogs until they were medically sound and could be brought up to date on vet care.

Over the course of many months, WASA funded Natasha and Boris’s vet care. They were able to find a forever home for Boris with a family in Easton, CT.  Unfortunately, as Natasha grew and matured her medical issues became severely debilitating – specifically in her hips.  Officer Harper kindly agreed to provide a home for Natacha until the funding was available for her double hip replacement surgeries,

As the finest and easiest way to take care of all your home services, through premier, personalized care and attention, it is particularly fitting that Harmony Home Concierge’s donation of $17,000 fully funded Natasha’s surgical procedures.  Additional funding, approximately $3,000, for post-surgical care was provided by WASA from donations designated from Connecticut residents for Natasha’s surgeries and post-surgical care.  The surgeries were performed during May and June 2018 at the Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine and once Natasha is fully recovered, a new forever home will be found for her.

The donation provided Harmony Home Concierge with the privilege to name a WASA foster.  They gave the names of Sadie and Shelby to WASA’s 6-month-old Old English Sheepdog fosters that were also rescued by Weston Animal Control Officer Harper.  Sadie and Shelby are being brought up-to-date on their vet care (vaccinations, testing and spay surgeries) at Schulhof Animal Hospital of Westport.

As a premier home service company, Harmony Home Concierge was delighted to help WASA provide premier care for Natasha and ultimately get her to a new and happy home.

WASA (Westport Animal Shelter Advocates) Natasha Caucasian Shepherd/Russian Bear Dog lying on sand

WASA (Westport Animal Shelter Advocates)

WASA is a 501c3 organization that formed in 2008 to assist and advocate for homeless or soon-to-be-homeless dogs in Connecticut. WASA’s primary focus is attending to the needs of impounded dogs at Westport Animal Control in Westport, CT.  They provide funds for vet care, exercise, training and promoting dogs as well as perform home and reference checks to ensure that the dogs are placed safely in loving homes. Westport Animal Control, located on Elaine Road in Westport, is a no-kill shelter where homeless dogs receive the love and care they need until their forever home is found.  Additionally, WASA fosters homeless dogs that come from other Connecticut animal control facilities or come to WASA from Connecticut residents that for a variety of reasons need to be rehomed. For more information visit www.westportwasa.org, www.facebook.com/westportwasa

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