How To Choose The Best Fireplace for Your Home

Enhance Your Home With a Fireplace that Meets Your Needs

A fireplace is where many memories are made, so choosing the right one for your home is crucial.

Fireplaces offer a special type of ambiance for get-togethers with family and friends and can be an important source of warmth during the winter months. Placement, fireplace type, and fuel type are all important considerations to make when choosing the right fireplace for your home.

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Below are the most important considerations for installing and maintaining a fireplace in your home.

Fireplace Fuel Types

The type of fuel you choose to keep your fireplace running is important not only for comfort, but for cost and maintenance purposes.

Wood-Burning: The most classic fireplace style, wood-burning fireplaces offer the characteristic smell of burning wood and warmth. Wood burning will cause soot to build up in the chimney, which requires regular maintenance. You’ll also need to empty wood fireplace boxes when ash builds up.

Gas-Burning: A cleaner way of heating your home, natural gas fireplaces will be installed with an element that often just needs to be turned on to operate. Less maintenance is required for gas-burning fireplaces.

Electric: Electric fireplaces give off zero emissions and are often the most reliable fireplace types. With no need for a chimney, they can be installed in many spots throughout the home.

Pellet Stove: Pellet stoves are one of the cleanest ways to heat a home. With nearly no emissions and designed for easy pellet replacement, this option has become increasingly popular for heating homes.

Gel Fireplace: Gel fireplaces use a specially-formulated gel that gives off no emissions or ash. Without the need for ventilation these units can be easily installed in many rooms throughout the home.

Ethanol Fireplace: This fireplace design is inexpensive and easy to install. But, ethanol fireplaces often do not generate enough heat to properly warm a space. With nearly zero emissions from ethanol, they are generally safe and do not impact air quality.

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Fireplace Mounting Options

Fireplaces can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on what kind of fireplace you are considering and the space in which you are installing one.

Traditional Open-Hearth Fireplace: This is the most common fireplace installation practice. Most often made of brick or other heat-resistant materials, open-hearth fireplaces are typically built when the house is constructed, and are connected to a chimney.

Free-Standing Fireplace: Free-standing fireplaces are ones not connected to a chimney. Most often made for non-wood burning fireplaces, this option offers the chance to put a fireplace in many different areas of the home.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace: Most often used for electric fireplaces, this fireplace design is great for integrating a fireplace into an attractive interior design.

Built-In Fireplace: Built-in fireplaces are those installed into entertainment systems or shelving units. These offer the chance to completely integrate your fireplace into the design of your home.

Tabletop Fireplace: These fireplaces can be placed on tables or fixtures throughout the home. Many homeowners consider this a great way to customize a room for a special event or get-together and can be stored away afterward.

Hanging Fireplace: For homes with a more modern design, hanging fireplaces offer an extremely attractive aesthetic. With this fireplace design, you can get very creative with your space.

Two-Sided Fireplace: Another chance to bring some creativity into heating your home, two-sided fireplaces can be installed in wall sections, and they radiate heat around all openings.

Outdoor Fireplace: These are the perfect option for closed decks and patios. Compatible with all fireplace types – whether they need a chimney or not – outdoor fireplaces are a true sign of distinction and attention to aesthetic beauty and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Heating a home or space with a fireplace can be a wonderful experience, but different fireplace designs provide different levels of efficiency.

Wood-Burning: While wood-burning fireplaces are a beautiful addition to the home, they are not the most efficient. More heat energy is lost than generated, and you need to ensure you have a steady supply of dry and properly-treated wood to burn.

Gas-Burning: Natural gas-burning fireplaces do not require electricity and burn extremely clean. But, you will see your gas bills creep up depending on how often you use this type of fireplace.

Electric: Electric fireplaces have no emissions, but they rely heavily on electricity. They will affect your utility bills, but you’ll enjoy one of the safest ways to heat your space.

Ethanol: Ethanol fireplaces are becoming more popular yet remain a somewhat expensive option. Ethanol is also a highly combustible compound, which means extra care needs to be taken when storing fuel.

Pellet-Stove: The sawdust pellets used in pellet stove fireplaces burn extremely efficiently. But, they do require electricity to run, which means they will have a slight impact on your utility bills.

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Other Considerations

Along with the type and design of your fireplace, there are several other considerations when choosing the right one for your home.

For instance, are you installing a new fireplace, or retrofitting an old one for a new fuel source? You’ll need to know whether a chimney needs to be installed, or if one needs to be blocked off.

Fireplaces can also increase the buying appeal of your home. Many people see fireplaces as a desirable quality in their new home, especially if they plan on entertaining guests.

You’ll also want to consider the different types of maintenance and cleaning regimens for each type of fireplace. For instance, wood-burning fireplaces require chimney maintenance and repair over time, while other types of fireplaces need periodic mechanical and electronic maintenance.

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