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Live Service Representatives vs. Automated Customer Service Systems
Customer service is how businesses assist and connect with their customers. We at Harmony Home Concierge believe, as our customers are humans, that the best way to connect is with other humans.

Many companies are switching to touch-dial and voice-operated menus. This is in order to cut costs and funnel customers into pre-set processes for getting to their issue.

We’ve all experienced automated customer service systems, so it’s hard to argue that it’s much better to speak with a person as opposed to navigating touch-dial or voice-activated menus.

We at Harmony Home Concierge have built our business on personalization. That means your needs can’t be met with a touch-dial or voice menu designed for thousands of other people. What our customers deserve—and everybody else for that matter—is someone who understands their needs on their terms.

Pitfalls of Automated Customer Service Systems
As stated above, the lack of human connection creates many pitfalls with automated customer service systems.

For one, automated systems are unable to bring critical thinking to customer issues. While human customer service representatives can react to each new customer issue with a fresh perspective, automated systems have only a limited number of options and methods to work with.

Many automated systems are also poorly configured, meaning they are not equipped to deal with whatever is thrown their way.

Thirdly, the lack of human connection means many customers do not feel “heard” and valued by the company they are contacting. Especially when a customer is emotional about poor-performing services or products, it’s common sense that anyone would want to feel like the customer service representative understands what they are going through.

Benefits of Talking to a Real-Life Human
We at Harmony Home Concierge believe the benefits of in-person customer service representatives outweigh the costs.

That’s because the ability to empathize with a customer is the keystone to effective customer service. Our customers put their trust in our hands, and without customer service representatives that can make them feel “heard” and valued, we wouldn’t have the business we have today.

We also believe that, as humans are complex beings, that their issues are equally as complex. These issues require a range of skills to be summoned in each call, something an automated system cannot do.

The most important part of dealing with complex customer issues is being proactive, especially when a customer might not know exactly what they need. The ability to navigate the needs of a real person, in our minds, requires a real person.

Customers Want to Talk to Real People
It’s no surprise that important customers making important decisions want someone who understands their needs to help them. In fact, most customers who make the choice to call a company are ready to purchase—so we ask why a company would trust that opportunity with an automated customer service system?

Studies show customers prefer speaking to a person over navigating a complex menu. One study done by Google shows 61 percent of people are ready to pay for a service or product when they call a company.1 Overwhelming data proves that being heard, being understood, and having a positive customer service experience are more important to customers than ever.2

Let Our People Help You
At Harmony Home Concierge, we believe a team of qualified, professional human customer service representatives are not only what our customers want, but what they deserve.

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