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You can rely on your personal Harmony Home Concierge to take care of all your home maintenance projects. Leaving you with more time to relax.

*Not all services are available in all areas.

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Whether you use oil or propane to heat and make your home more inviting and comfortable, Harmony Home Concierge will arrange your deliveries, offer the best service plans to fit your specific needs, schedule annual maintenance when required and expedite emergency repair calls. Don’t worry about home fuel needs any more. We take care of it, you take care of enjoying your home.

Making sure that your home is comfortable for you, your family and guests is imperative. That’s why Harmony Home Concierge can help advise on the best, energy-efficient oil, propane and natural gas heating system that works for your living space. From bioheat fuel options to emergency repairs, you can rely on your personal concierge to take care of all your home heating needs.

Keep your cool at home all summer and don’t worry about any home cooling problems again. Harmony Home Concierge will consult with you on the best and most energy-efficient central and ductless cooling systems for your home, arrange installation, advise on the best service plans and deal with any emergency repairs.

Every homeowner needs a plumber they can trust to do the job fast and do it right. You can rely on Harmony Home Concierge to find and work with that plumber, for full kitchen and bathroom remodeling, service, repairs and more.

Use natural gas in your home? Harmony Home Concierge can help with any heating equipment installation, repairs, service plans and advise on the most energy-efficient system that works for your living space.

You rely on major appliances from leading brands to cook, clean and take care of your home. Now, if you purchase a new cooker or laundry system, Harmony Home Concierge can arrange to have it expertly installed and deal with any maintenance issues or repairs.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or working from home, make sure that life goes on as normal during any power outages. Harmony Home Concierge will work with you to figure out which generator solution is best for you and your home, so you’re never in the dark again.

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From major rewiring projects, repairs or the installation of beautiful light fixtures anywhere in your home, Harmony Home Concierge can arrange for the experts you need to get the job done right.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and Harmony Home Concierge can advise and help with installation of home security systems to help protect everything important in your life.

Stress less and enjoy life more, with the ability to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world at the touch of a screen. Harmony Home Concierge can advise on the best, and arrange installation, of a range of home automation services that works for you.

From clearing your chimney of harmful contaminants to inspecting the lining and ensuring that the chimney caps are clear to let emissions properly escape, having a professional chimney inspection done annually is a crucial measure in any fall clean-up to keep you, your family and your home safe.

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From indoor fireplaces that create ambiance and warmth at home in the winter, to outdoor fireplaces that keep any night chills at bay during summer, Harmony Home Concierge can help you purchase the best one for your home and make sure existing fireplaces are serviced to run at peak efficiency all year round.

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From heating your outdoor swimming pool or hot tub, Harmony Home Concierge will take care of it all, giving you more time to enjoy it all.

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Breathe easier at home by having Harmony Home Concierge take care of annual duct cleaning appointments, dryer vent sealing, ductwork repair and more. It’ll help you breathe cleaner, healthier air inside all year round.

Harmony Home Concierge will help make sure that you and everyone in your home breathes healthier and drinks the best water, with help from local air and water filtration services and solutions.

Everyone loves an outdoor BBQ and Harmony Home Concierge can help make sure that you’re the host with the most perfect outdoor meals and entertainment every time by scheduling annual cleaning and maintenance of your BBQ equipment and more!

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