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Harmony Home Concierge is your complete solution for home beauty, comfort, and safety. When it comes to chimneys, we are here to help.

We’ve put together several crucial considerations if you have a chimney in your home. From cleaning and maintenance to chimney inspection, Harmony Home Concierge is your premier service for chimney sweep, chimney cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services.

Why Should My Chimney be Cleaned?
Your chimney sees years of fires and smoke. When that smoke builds up with creosote—an accumulation of soot and ash—you need to have your chimney cleaned.

Without proper ventilation, your chimney can present a danger from carbon monoxide poisoning. If the fumes from a burning fire cannot be properly directed to the outside, the particulates will filter into your home, impacting air quality.

A properly-cleaned chimney will ensure your home’s air quality does not pose a risk to your family’s safety. Our expert chimney sweeps can clean your chimney of creosote, as well as determine if your air quality is being negatively impacted by your chimney.

How Often Should My Chimney be Cleaned?
Experts suggest that your chimney should be cleaned annually. This is intended to help guarantee that creosote buildup will not send particulates and carbon monoxide back into the home.

Our independent contractors are expert chimney sweeps and inspectors. Yearly maintenance and cleaning, along with a thorough inspection of your chimney, is all part of a Harmony Home Concierge chimney service.

What is Included in Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance Services?
A full inspection of your chimney has several components.

First, our Harmony Home Concierge independent contractors will inspect the masonry of your chimney to make sure there are no holes or cracks that can leak ash or smoke into the home.

Then, the contractor will inspect the flue to ensure it is properly radiating excess heat and smoke outside. Without a properly-maintained flue, you could be compromising the air quality and safety of your home.

Finally, a complete cleaning and removal of creosote buildup will eliminate any blockages in your chimney. Harmony Home Concierge’s independent contractors have years of experience conducting full inspections and complete maintenance regimens on chimneys.

Why Should I Have a Cap and Liner for My Chimney?
A chimney cap is crucial for keeping all chimneys free of debris, animals, and snow. Chimney caps will also contain sparks that might travel through the chimney to the outside, protecting your home against fire from any nearby trees. An uncapped chimney poses a fire risk, as well as risks creating an environment of dampness from rain and snowfall.

Chimney liners help to preserve the brick and guarantee proper ventilation of your chimney with a straight, unobstructed escape for fumes and smoke.

Let Us Help You
Harmony Home Concierge brings only the most highly-rated independent contractors to every chimney service. With a complete chimney inspection, maintenance regimen, and cleaning, we can help to keep your home comfortable, safe, and beautiful for your family.

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