Home Assessment: Examination & Report

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Whether you’re a new homeowner or are looking to spruce up your family’s longtime home, a total home assessment is the best way to make sure your home is comfortable, safe, and running at peak efficiency.

What is a Harmony Home Concierge Assessment?
A Home Assessment is a comprehensive inspection done by one of our trained professionals, which includes photographs and detailed findings for a Harmony Home Concierge Representative to review with the homeowner.

This resource provides the Harmony Home Concierge Representative a tool outlining any required home maintenance, repair, or replacement in and around the home that can then be scheduled to be done by our concierge.

With a focus on total home health, this home check-up is a total assessment on the spaces, fixtures, and systems of your home.

Who Does a Harmony Home Assessment?
Harmony Home Concierge brings the most professional contractors to each and every one of your home’s needs.

We hire contractors who are highly-rated, have a reputation for effective service, and who understand all the ins and outs of your home’s needs. We strive to treat your home like we would ours, which means all our contractors undergo a vetting process to ensure they deliver the most effective services for your home.

What Does a Home Assessment Entail?
Our independently-contracted home assessment subject your home to an exhaustive inspection of your home. This process typically takes about three hours.

Our home assessment contractors are skilled in inspecting all elements of your home, including but not limited to:

Attics – They see that your attic is a sealed space, and check that there are no air leaks or water leaks that can lead to extensive damage.

Roofs – Our contractors will inspect your roof to make sure there’s no signs of breakdown from mold and moisture, check for leaks, and that the structural integrity of your roof is intact.

Constantly-Running Systems – Our assessors can check your plumbing, electrical systems, heating systems, and more with a focus on efficiency and safety.

Once the assessment is complete, our contracted assessors write up a detailed written report, supported with photographic evidence of their findings. They then develop a comprehensive plan to properly maintain or repair any parts of your home that are in need of attention.

Let Us Help You
For all your maintenance and repair needs, Harmony Home Concierge has got you covered. With our fleet of highly-skilled and experienced contractors, every aspect of your home is in good hands.

Contact us today for your next complete, comprehensive home assessment so you and your family can live comfortably, safely, and with peace of mind.

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