Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Pool maintenance and cleaning supplies on wooden deck near outdoor pool

Having a swimming pool within the comfort of your own backyard should mean beating the summer heat in a healthy, relaxing and fun way for you and your family. Yet, the responsibilities of pool maintenance, cleaning, chlorine testing and more can make having a swimming pool more stressful than it’s worth.

At Harmony Home Concierge, we coordinate with the best pool cleaning and maintenance services for regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and overhaul debris clearing to make pool maintenance an afterthought. Our goal is to prolong your fun in the sun and make sure your only concern is how often you and your family will get to enjoy a refreshing and—perhaps most importantly—healthy swim this summer.

We bring our expertise to offer the best in pool maintenance services, including:

  • Pool Summerization
  • Pool Winterization
  • Winter Season Services
  • Weekly Pool Maintenance


Pool “Summerization”
Spend more time having fun in the sun. Our professionals will prepare your pool for summertime, and:

  • Reinstall all filtration equipment
  • Prime all pumps
  • Test your heating systems
  • Thoroughly brush, clean and vacuum your pool
  • Check for cracks or other potential issues on your pool deck
  • Sanitize and balance your water to give you the healthiest, most enjoyable experience


Pool “Winterization”
As the summer has come to an end and temperatures are dropping, it’s important to winterize your pool. Our professionals will prepare your pool for the winter months ahead, and:

  • Clean and vacuum your pool
  • Lower the water level
  • Remove all return fittings and skimmer baskets
  • Air compress all plumbing lines and install antifreeze, winter fittings and cap all systems
  • Drain and winterize filter and heating systems
  • Store all pool accessories
  • Add chemicals to pool water
  • Install a pool cover


Winter Season Services
Just because you’re not using your pool during the winter, doesn’t mean you should wait until spring to have it cleaned and maintained. Our professionals will:

  • Inspect your pool and/or spa every other week
  • Secure and adjust pool cover
  • Drain any excess water from solid pool cover
  • Maintain the proper pool water level
  • Maintain the proper winter chemical balance to help prevent algae growth
  • Repair or replace any cover anchors or cover water bags
  • Adjust winter pool cover padding
  • Stabilize any noticeable damage to the winter pool cover


Weekly Pool Maintenance
Keep your pool and pool area in pristine condition, so you can entertain your family and friends all summer long. Our service professionals will sanitize your pool and check your filtration equipment on a weekly basis. We will also provide a complete cleaning, sanitizing and water chemistry analysis and balancing (if needed) – so you can be sure your pool is ready to be enjoyed.

Why Choose Us?
At Harmony Home Concierge, we strive to make your swimming pool a clean, refreshing, and healthy way for you, your family, and guests to enjoy during the hot, summer months. Our home services membership is the best way to ensure all your home maintenance needs are met. With cutting-edge scheduling and logistics system—and our expert eye for only the best professionals in the industry—Harmony Home Concierge is a leader in home maintenance and care services. Contact us today for more information about our home membership services.

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