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Your roof has one of the most important roles in protecting your home. From protecting the structural integrity of your home from rain and snow damage, to preventing pests from impacting the health of you and your family, Harmony Home Concierge brings the best professionals to you for all your roofing needs.

We also offer 24-hour emergency roofing repair services for those unexpected disasters that, left unchecked, can lead to costly repairs or full replacement down the road.

Residential Re-Roofing (Roof Replacement)

Over time, your roof experiences significant wear and tear. Guarding your home from snow and rain, the durability of your roof is repeatedly tested with each passing weather event.

Harmony Home Concierge’s expert roofing professionals are qualified to determine if your home needs a full roof replacement. They will conduct a comprehensive roof inspection to determine whether your need a residential re-roofing or a simple roof repair.

Oftentimes a residential roof replacement is required when the sum of all needed roof repairs is too costly. In many ways, a complete re-roofing could save you money not only from residential structural problems, but also help prevent further damage from weather and pests.

If it is determined your roof is too damaged to be repaired, we bring in the most highly-rated professionals in the industry to re-roof your home. With years of experience behind them, you can enjoy peace of mind that your roof installation is in good hands.

Roof Maintenance

Harmony Home Concierge’s roof maintenance specialists understand roofing through and through. Our roofing specialists conduct an intensive roof inspection for missing shingles and damaged flashing, along with analyzing underneath the roof for leaks and erosion to develop a comprehensive course of action.

Harmony Home Concierge is ready for all your residential roof repair needs:

  • Replacing missing shingles
  • Repairing damaged flashing
  • Inspect for leaks and rotting damage
  • Ensure the structural integrity of your roof
  • Comprehensive inspection over and underneath your roof


With you and your family’s safety at top-of-mind, Harmony Home Concierge is the solution for all your roofing needs.

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