Winter Gutter Maintenance: Preventing Ice Dams

Protecting Your Home and Roof with Winter Gutter Care

Winter is coming, and that means it is time to talk about gutters.
The purpose of gutters is to deliver water from your home – either from melting snow or falling rain – to the surrounding ground. This helps to prevent leaks in the home that can cause structural damage and helps prevent ice dams which can ruin your home’s exterior.

Ice dams are one of the leading causes of damaged gutters and degradation of interior walls. As ice expands it moves materials around, meaning everything the ice touches is prone to damage.

If your gutters are clogged with leaves, water buildup will turn into ice dams when temperatures reach freezing levels. If the dam is located inside your gutters, you’ll find leaks in the spring that will only get worse as time passes.

If ice dams form along the edge of your roof, you could find the ice has caused leaks that lead to damage of interior walls, ceilings, and your roof’s fascia and soffits. Additionally, leaks that run on walkways or stairways can cause slipping hazards for you and your family.

The best times to clean gutters are during the fall, when falling leaves cause the highest levels of debris, and after winter. Performing a rigorous gutter inspection during these times is integral to keep your gutters working properly.

Harmony Home Concierge is here to help. Our certified and highly-trained gutter specialists can inspect and repair any leaks, as well as take measures to ensure your gutters remain free of clogs so you don’t have to suffer damage wrought by ice damming. They also specialize in ice damming removal, ice damming prevention, and roof salting.

Below are some crucial gutter maintenance tips to help prevent ice damming in your home. As always, Harmony Home Concierge is here to help.

Trim Back Trees and Shrubs Near Your Gutters

One of the leading causes of ice damming is falling debris from trees and shrubs that hang over gutter troughs. This debris – whether leaves, twigs, or seeds – creates clogs that prevent water from properly flowing through your gutters.

If water is unable to flow through your gutters, freezing temperatures will cause ice dams which expand and burst through gutter piping. Trimming all trees and shrubs near your gutters will help ensure your gutters remain unclogged.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Proper gutter maintenance is paramount to ensuring your home doesn’t suffer damage caused by ice damming.

But properly inspecting and cleaning gutters is a hazardous task. Many injuries around the home are caused by falling from ladders, and properly cleaning gutters requires extensive time up high to closely inspect for gutter clogs.

That’s why Harmony Home Concierge brings in the best gutter inspectors and maintenance professionals in the area to your home. Our vendors complete a rigorous inspection of your gutters to identify any clogs or potential circumstances that can cause clogging.

Checking Downspouts and Diverters

When it comes to gutter clogging, downspouts and diverters are the hardest to clean.

For that reason, constant gutter maintenance is preferred, and best done by a specialist. Harmony Home Concierge not only brings the best professionals to your home when there is a problem, we also schedule regular maintenance of gutter systems. This ensures that downspouts and diverters, and the rest of your gutter system, remain free and clear of debris to allow proper flow of rain and melting ice.

Checking for Rust and Rot

Most all gutter systems are made of metal, which means they are vulnerable to rust. Additionally, improperly-flowing gutter systems will cause water damage to the exterior and interior of your home that can cause rot in insulation and wood.

Rusting gutters will break down over time, causing leaks that can lead to slipping hazards. Rotting exteriors and interiors negatively impact the structural integrity of your home and can impact in-home air quality.

Harmony Home Concierge’s specialists can perform gutter repair and replacement services to prevent damage and safety hazards caused by rusting and rotting. Additionally, our maintenance services can detect potential rust risks and deal with them accordingly before they become an issue.

Plugging Leaks and Checking Anchors

Another important consideration in gutter maintenance is ensuring the anchors that connect your gutters to the home are in good repair. Also vulnerable to rust, detached anchors can cause leaks or falling pieces, which can cause more extensive home damage.

Harmony Home Concierge’s gutter specialists inspect all anchors and replace them as needed. Also, as part of a complete gutter solution, any leaks found during our comprehensive inspections will be repaired – either through plugging leaks or replacing damaged gutter components.

Let Us Help You

We at Harmony Home Concierge take pride in treating your home like we would our own. That means bringing the best professionals to take care of every job, including gutter repair and maintenance.

With a Harmony Home Concierge professional, and our extensive and complete inspection and maintenance services, you can have peace of mind knowing your gutters – and your home – are in good hands.

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